Formerly with the San Diego Glam rockers "FOXY ROXX" and the most recent guitarist for the band "OUTTA THE BLACK", Jerry Vayne is now delving into the musical realms of the Haunt Industry.

Welcome to the "Haunt-Strumetal" ™ world of The Haunt Rocker, Jerry Vayne.

In 2008, a new musical specter "materialized" into the Haunted Attraction Industry… gouging his way into the Haunted Attractions of the nation.

His focus? To change the traditional haunt music of the industry on its' ear by creating his own brand of "Haunt-Strumetal" ™ soundscapes.

Starting with Rotting Flesh Radio's "RFR Presents: Dark Pandemonium "A Descent into the Labyrinth of the Mind"), the 18-track Dark Carnival/Vampire concept CD "Damnations Embrace", the re-envisioning of the Midnight Syndicate's classic "Shadows" for the sound track CD "The Dead Matter: Original Soundtrack" (Winner of the 2011 Golden Cob for "Best B-Movie Soundtrack"), as well as custom tracks for the Toxicity Haunted Attraction and Wells Township Haunted House, the abomination "Soul Collector" and the dark, demented corners of the newest soundscape "The Attic", the Haunt Rocker has slowly infested his aural apparitions into the haunts around the globe.

And the audio infestation continues with the release of "Virus 308"... the newest plague to assault your senses!

Take a listen, foolish souls, but you have been warned…!

Jerry Vayne proudly uses:

Oktober, Dean, Epiphone, Jackson, Paul Reed Smith, ESP and Cort guitars & basses

Oktober Blockhead Pickups

EMG and Seymour Duncan pickups

Line 6 processors

Marshall Amplification

Boss & DOD effects pedals

D'Addario strings

Dell computers

Windows 7 software

Reaper & Sony Acid Pro recording software

Soundforge & Steinberg Wavelab mastering software

Beta Monkey Drum Libraries


  • Hatchet Creek
  • Bodies In The Bayou
  • The Chant of Dr Majumbi
  • Voodoo Doll
  • Body Bags
  • Mists d’Orleans
  • The Soul Candle
  • Hell-Billy Bob
  • Séance
  • Skeleton Key
  • Blood Bayou
  • Death’s Distillery
  • Grave Diggers
  • Blackened Bones & Gun Powder